Brand Ambassadors

Mr. Sangram Chougle (Engineer, body builder, Mr Universe)

An electrical engineer by profession Sangram Chougule is a sponsored professional body builder, entrepreneur, TV personality and movie actor. Currently, he is considered one of the top 5 professional bodybuilder’s in India. Sangram is a recipient of the prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati Award. He is the owner of Physc gym chain and alpha armour sportswear. This engineer body builder is also open to offers related to modelling & films.


  • Mr Universe (2014) | Mumbai(Gold Medal)
  • Mr. Universe (2012) | Bangkok(Gold Medal)
  • Mr. Universe (2011) | Malaysia (Bronze Medal)
  • Mr. Asia (2012) | China (Silver Medal)
  • Mr. Asia (2012) | Bangkok (Bronze Medal)
  • Mr. South Asia (2012) | Punjab Title Winner
  • Mr india (2015) | Gujrat Overall title winner
  • Mr. India (6 Times)
  • Maharashtra Shree (2012) | Pune
  • Federation Cup (2010) | Bhopal Title Winner
  • Federation cup (2011) Punjab Title Winner
  • Federation cup (2015) U.P. Title Winner

Ms Sonali Swami (Fitness Guru, Achiever, Fitness Motivator, Mother of Two)

Ms Sonali Swami is the face of international bodybuilding in India. She is a mother of two who has shattered ceilings in the fitness industry with her zeal and motivation for personal fitness. She has won various awards and is successfully running a business of her own with the name of Fitblink. She has a number of awards to her credit both in India and outside and has dedicated her life towards fitness training individuals across all age groups. She also works as a Zumba instructor for kids and is also the sponsored athlete for Adidas from India.


  • She has won the Bronze Medal at Asians Bodybuilding and Sports Physique Championship (Model Physique Category) held at Bhutan in 2016
  • She was at the 6th Place at Asians Bodybuilding and Sports Physique Championship(Model Physique Category) held at Seoul, South Korea in 2017

Mr Nikhil Watts (Fitness Enthusiast, Self Motivated)

Nikhil Watts is a hardworking fitness enthusiast who has been in the fitness industry since last 12 years. In this time period, he has won a number of coveted titles. Recently, he came out as an all over winner of FIT EX MENS CLASSIC. Now he is preparing himself for more Pro competitions and is very focused in what he wants from life and is moving forward with a set mind and a set goal.

Dr Gunit Kanwar (Doctor, Body Builder, Passionate)

He is a doctor by profession and body building has always been his passion. It was after completing his studies in medical school that he pursued his Passion. His persistence and perseverance as a body builder has paved the way for attaining titles of Mr J&K, Mr.Chandigarh, Sheru Classic Finalist and most recently Mr.India.

Mr Vivek Watts (Coach, Body Builder, Professional)

Vivek Watts is very passionate about his work. He is a certified Coach and has an experience of 6 years in the fitness industry. According to him, he lives a lifestyle with no finish line. He loves to inspire people and motivate them but is not a fan of competition. Vivek Watts ensures that his knowledge is well used by his brother and his students.