How It Works

Horse Balsam is a unique formula, designed to enhance the oxygenated blood flow to the targeted muscles and aids in the cellular repair & recovery.

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About Us

Vij Allure was incorporated with the vision helping you reach your optimum limits while minimising injuries and fatigue.

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Our Brand Ambassadors

Meet our brand ambassadors: Sangram Chougule, Nikil Watts, Sonal Swami, Dr. Kuwar Gunit and Vivek Watts.

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  • By increasing the blood flow, it mitigates formation of cramps, thus ensuring smooth workout sessions during strenuous training.
  • It helps in reinforcing vascular dilation in body and increases blood supply to muscles & other associated parts tenders and ligaments.
  • It provides immediate relief to painful joints and muscular injuries during previous workout sessions.
  • By increasing vascular dilatation, it provides vitality and gives proper nutrition to muscles.
  • It decreases the formation of hematomas by increasing vascular dilatation.
  • It activates protein receptors, thus resulting in increase in nutrient absorption in muscles during strenuous workout sessions.
  • By increasing vascular dilation it ensures proper post workout recovery by increasing nutrient uptake during cooling down phase.

Horse Balsam

Rs. 2499.00